The Family Behind The Bottle


This Is Us

 Apple Country Spirits (ACS) is a farm Distillery Located in Williamson, NY. A division of CELK Distilling, LLC, we produce fine quality, fruit based spirits. ACS was formed in 2012 by David DeFisher, operator of and co-owner (with his father, William) of DeFisher Fruit Farms, a 5th generation, family owned fruit farm. ACS is the next step in assuring the continued success of this family owned operation. The production of high quality, fruit based spirits, all made from the fresh fruit we grow here on our farm, will keep the business relevant for the next generation. It also created the opportunity to share high quality, locally made product with consumers. ACS has a strong belief in being environmentally friendly. We utilize most of our byproducts on the farm, so there is no waste products to dispose of. We have plans in the next 1-3 years to have our own solar energy system installed, to begin producing our own green energy. As a local business ourselves we strive to help in the effort for supporting local, and USA based companies.


95% of all of our equipment, in the distilling/juicing process, is made locally or in the USA. 


 Our first, and flagship product is TREE Vodka. It is a super premium vodka distilled from apples. It is not apple vodka. It has a delicious, slightly sweet, distinct flavor, but not necessarily an apple flavor. Unlike many of the artificially-flavored spirits on today's market, we use all-natural flavors in our product, based on the fruit that we grow.  

Stay tuned for more news, products, and events coming from Apple Country Spirits!