We're Still Here, I Promise!

Hello everyone!  It has been far to long since I posted but we have been in the heart of harvest season, and have been hard at work on new products for you all to enjoy.  We are working on two flavored vodkas, and should have them out early in the new year.  We wanted them out in time for the holiday season, unfortunately as we have learned everything takes longer to accomplish in this industry.  The flavors will be Peach and Tart Cherry.  We grow both, so will be using natural flavors instead of artificial syrups. 

The next product we are working on is a Pear Brandy.  When I say Pear Brandy, I mean more in the style of a European Poire Williams, not like a sugar infused Pear Liqueur.  We have finished the distillation of the brandy, but want to let it rest for a short while to bring the flavors together.  As such, we expect this one to be out a couple of months into next year. 

We also have our Apple Jack aging away.  Tentatively we are naming is De Fisher AppleJack in honor of the family that has overseen the growth of the farm for the past 100+ years and four generations.  It will be aged 2 years, and our oldest barrel is not yet a year, so that still has some time to go.  We are constantly putting more away, because we do hope to have a 5 year old version down the road. 

Finally we are currently experimenting with a Maple Infused Applejack.  We would like to have something a little sweeter to offer, and this would fit that bill.  Early mixes have turned out well, so we hope to have that to offer sometime in the new year as well. 


This is a small update, but I hope to keep up with this more often as time goes on.  Keep checking our Facebook page for more updates on products and the smaller sizes of Tree. 

Jeffrey Lennox