A Cocktail for Winter

That time of year is upon us here in the snow belt of New York.  While December was relatively minor (only about 2 feet of snow) the start of January is looking like it will be a cold one.  Not much snow on the ground at the moment, but the wind is biting and the sun is nowhere to be seen.  This will be my second winter here, and from all accounts that is the way it is supposed to see -- so good bye sun!  Until we meet again in April. 

With that in mind I thought that I would share a nice winter drink with you all.  We serve it here at the distillery regularly and I have been serving it at all of our off-site tastings (when the weather was right).  We like to call the drink a Hot Apple Toddy.  The Hot Toddy is usually a preparation of whiskey, boiling water, honey, cloves and lemon.  It is a tasty drink that lends itself well to customization based on personal preference. 


The foundation for the Hot Apple Toddy is this: 

Half a Gallon of Cider 

1 Orange (Quartered) 

3 Sticks Cinnamon 

Tree Vodka 

Prep and Serving: Combine all ingredients (except vodka) in a slow cooker or stove top pot.  Heat until almost boiling -- if you boil cider the sediment will settle out and make sludge at the bottom.  Ladle into your favorite winter time mug and top off with 1-2 ounces of Tree (depending on size of mug etc).  The slow cooker works well to keep it warm, so that you can serve it as a punch at your winter parties.  This is also great because the hot mulled cider part is great for children and people that may not drink alcohol! 

With this basic build you can add different spices and fruit juices to taste.  Want it a little tart?  Add Tart cherry juice.  Want more apple pie flavors?  Try a dash of nutmeg! 


Enjoy, and always remember to drink responsibly.

Jeffrey Lennox