Apple Country Spirits, while a rather large undertaking in itself, is just the first step toward a much wider goal of creating an agritourism destination in Wayne County.  Agritourism is a little bit of a new idea, basically pertaining to the promotion of farms as not only food/goods producing entities, but also as places of interest and interaction.  Agritourism destinations can be as simple as a farm stand, or as complex as a venue featuring music, food, event spaces etc.  Eventually we hope to start incorporating some of these other facets into the Eddy Road location including a farm stand, perhaps a seasonal restaurant etc (mind you this is well down the road).

Even though many of these plans are well in the future, we designed the Apple Country Spirits facility with the idea of holding events in some of the space.  Our tasting room (which I have gushed over before) is the perfect area for smaller get-togethers and gatherings, while the press/barrel room is more suited for larger events.  All of this was undertaken with the aim of bringing people here so that they could see where the product was made and take a little piece of that home with them.  As I discussed in the previous post about New York alcohol producers, that is one of the best parts about drinking/eating local -- you get to meet the people that grow the food or make the vodka.

This weekend we have our first private event at the distillery, and hope to have many more in the coming months and years.  As spring approaches we hope to have other public events to celebrate our official opening.  We will keep you updated on those things as the time comes.  Until then, cheers.  If you would like to contact us in regards to a private event please use the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

Jeffrey Lennox