Cocktail Evenings, Parties and Other Happenings...

Hello!  Is this thing still on?  It feels like every time I start writing a post I have to look back months to see the last one.... yet it only feels like a couple of days have passed!  Time really does fly when you're having fun.

As the title suggests this post will be about some of the unique and exciting events that we have planned for the summer months leading into fall.  These events include our Farm to Table Dinners, or Cocktail Evenings and our big Festivals.  If you don't like cocktails, hard cider or fun.... well, no need to read further.  If you like those things here goes...


Apple Country Spirits Cocktail Parties

Ever wonder what we do when we are not making alcohol?  Well, we make cocktails with that alcohol!  Or we drink our delicious cider.  Or we drink Beer and Wine from our friends!  Now, thanks to the New York Craft Act, you can join us.  We have cocktail nights every couple of weeks to share our passion for alcohol with you, our friends, in a casual setting.  John our tasting room manager and Collin our head distiller are usually behind the bar slinging drinks with the help of Kim our bartender in training and Ethan our sales director.  We offer free Pizza and Wings from Sue's Pizza Shop in Ontario and throughout the summer will have live music.  We may also bust out some line dancing or other fun theme night once and a while.  Check out our Calender of Events for dates.


Farm to Table Dinners

Many of our regulars have become familiar with this event, and that explains why it generally sells out within two to three days.  Many moons ago we decided we wanted to bring in a talented chef and pair him with local agricultural producers and see if we could make magic happen.  It did.  And so first PIG DINNER was conceived and executed.  To date we have done 4 dinners with the fifth in little more than a week.  These dinners take place on a quarterly basis and are offered to our FaceBook friends and tasting room customers (we don't advertise them anywhere else).  Our chef, Stephan Bogardus has never failed to make amazing and tasty food from local sources and we have heard our fair share of "Best Dinner Ever" after each of the events.  The menu is dependent on what we can get in the season, and we try to change the protein on a regular basis so as to keep it exciting.  Tickets come with an open bar and bottles of wine at the meal.  There are also 3 courses and finger foods to start.  Price varies on menu.


Apple Country Spirits Seasonal Festivals

If it hasn't become apparent, we enjoy having people here and we enjoy sharing our passion with everyone.  This year we held our first festival in the heart of winter and had such a great reception that we decided we wanted to do 4 a year (because anymore than that just gets a little crazy). 

Our winter festival is the Wassail.  It is a holiday from the old country (England and Ireland) that was meant to be celebrated in and around orchards to scare evil spirits away and wake up Apple Trees in preparation for the season to come. 

Our spring festival is the Apple Blossom Festival.  This festival coincides with Williamson's Apple Blossom Festival which celebrated its 56th year this year!

Summer festivities will focus on early fruit harvests.  This year we will be celebrating Cherry Harvest, as we plan on releasing a new product or two that focus on cherries.  Look for this one in Late July or early August.

Finally, fall will be a celebration of all that makes Wayne Country great!  A classic Harvest Festival -- this one will celebrate the bounty of New York, in the Rochester area.

All four festivals will feature live music, cocktails, food and giant bonfires.  And when we say giant we mean giant.


Well, that is all for now.  Enjoy the seasons and make sure to stop by and support your local distiller and cider maker.  We are always open Friday to Sunday Noon to Five.

As always, drink responsibly and drink local.


Jeffrey Lennox