Distilling in New York

Some reading these posts may be familiar with the recent renaissance of alcohol production in New York state.  The "Alcohol Summit" has been on the news a few times, featuring Governor Cuomo talking about increasing support for beer and wine and spirits.  It really is a great time to be a drinker in New York, because this recent explosion of alcohol production has brought a lot of really good products to the market. Because these products are produced on a small scale in New York communities, many of them are open to the public.  I would recommend anyone who has a distillery or a winery or a brewery near them to visit.  Learn something about the process, chat with the people that make it and of course sample the wares.

We have worked very hard to build our tasting room so that it will be both inviting and comfortable to anyone who wishes to come see our facility.  We have some pictures of it on the website, and some on our facebook page, and will be adding more as time goes by -- but none of them really do it justice.  The tasting room features beams and a loft built using 150+ year old barn wood, the bar is made of cherry harvested from around our orchards...  I could go on talking about it, but that would probably bore everyone quickly.  Let's just say if you want the full experience, I would highly recommend visiting when you can.

We plan on opening the tasting room in the next couple of weeks, and will be making the official announcement on our Facebook page.  Tree Vodka will only be available in the tasting room for the first month or so, and then will be hitting the shelves of your local liquor stores, bars and restaurants in the coming months.  We hope that if you visit here we can impart a little of our love of our products to you and you can share it with friends and family.

 Until then, remember to drink local and check back here often.

Jeffrey Lennox