Going Live

Hello and happy Fourth of July weekend to everyone!  (I know, its the fifth but after harvesting cherries all morning yesterday I did not have the energy to finish this.  If see pictures of the cherry harvest check out our Facebook and Twitter)

So, as the title suggests we are finally going live with sales.  Opici has begun selling our product to liquor stores bars and restaurants.  We have not heard anything from them yet because of the long weekend -- but we hope to hear good news next week.  At the same time we would appreciate it if everyone would make sure to ask for Tree at their local retailers.  Opici covers the whole state, so even if you are not in the Rochester area you can still get it!

We have been bottling fiends here of late, trying to get another 50 cases ready for when they need more.  We have fine tuned the labeling machine to the point where there are far fewer bubbles and no finger prints!!  We are finally looking like we know what we are doing ^_^

As for the tasting room - as many of you know we have been opening Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 5pm for the past couple months.  We are to the point were we want to really get things kicked off and have begun preparing for our grand opening.  The date is set for August 3, so mark your calenders.  We will have live music, hopefully some breweries and wineries tasting their products, a ribbon cutting and food so it should be a great event.  Keep checking back on Facebook and here, we will post up more information as we get it.

Until next time, cheers... and AMERICA!

Jeffrey Lennox