Off Site Events

I am still recovering from the grand opening and pouring at the PGA so today will be a short post... I promise to be more active on the blog since we have officially launched.

As those that check our facebook regularly may know (and for those that don't you should really like us!) we recently poured samples of Tree at the Taste NY tent at the PGA.  We were excited to do it, and incredibly lucky to be offered the chance through the New York Distillers Guild.  We hope to do many such events as time goes by because they are a great way to get out into the community and meet with people that may not have a chance to come to the distillery during our normal hours.  We have many new events coming up, and will be updating the website and facebook leading up to them.  If you see one in your area make sure to stop by and chat with us (and try a sample of course).  These events are generally put on to raise awareness of local products and often feature more then just spirits (wine and cheese is common to see).

Jeffrey Lennox