Prepping for the Holiday Season

Hello everyone.  Fall is finally here!  We are picking fruit like mad and are in the process of turning some of it into new products.  A couple of days ago we pit a bin of peaches (about 700 pounds) and plopped them into some over proofed vodka.  This is the first step in our peach infused vodka!!

As the season progresses and the weather gets colder we will be out and about doing tastings at different festivals and events.  If you haven't had a chance to stop by the distillery, maybe you can meet us at one of the events.  We will be posting them on Facebook as the dates approach, and we will be keeping them up to date on our events calendar (which, until now has been mostly empty).

We are currently maintaining our weekly hours of Friday to Sunday noon to 5pm, but as we approach the holiday season we will be expanding those hours.  At this point it is a little early to start really thinking about that... but I saw decorations appear in one of the local stores!!

Remember, always drink responsibly.  Cheers!

Jeffrey Lennox