Pressing Apples

Hello everyone.  Sorry for the long absence of posts -- I am sure there are thousands of you hanging on my every post.... or at least my Mother (Happy Mother's Day weekend!)

So what have we been up to?  Well, since we opened we have been continuing production full tilt and working on our next slate of products.  Our research and development department (me) has been hard at work trying to come up with extensions to our product line.  Some ideas have come from all the wonderful people that visited us on our opening weekend and subsequent weekends, and some from our friend Chris Carlsson over at:  R&D deserves its own post, so the next one should cover what we are working on, and maybe some photos to boot!

Today I wanted to focus on pressing.


This is a picture of our two man pressing crew.  Brian (Farm manager and all around good guy) is in the background grading the apples and pulling out any rots and I am in the foreground filling the cider bags with the apple mash.  Our system comes out of Buffalo New York -- an example of our continued dedication to sourcing as much as we can from local companies.  The system is as simple as it is noisy.  The apples are emptied from the bins, had sorted, washed and beat to a pulp.  Then they are pumped into the actual press and squeezed of all their delicious juice.  The solids are then emptied into the container you see in front and brought out to a neighbor who feeds it to his livestock.  All the cider is pumped into our fermentors and begins the exciting journey to vodka.

We may one day sell fresh cider, but rumor has it we will be selling hard cider before that...

Enjoy the weekend, and if you are in the area Saturday visit us.  We will be open from noon to 5pm.

Jeffrey Lennox