Roll Out the Barrels

Even though there is snow on the ground; we can actually see the sun -- so it is spring!  That means that the Lake Ontario Wine Trail is back in the full swing of things.  Many of the wineries are clearing the snow off and opening their doors on a new year.  With the start of the season, comes the most popular and, in my opinion, most unique of the Wine Trail Events.

Over the past few years the Roll Out The Barrels event has grown to be something that many people wait for with great anticipation.  The event is unique because it gives you an opportunity to try wine (and in our case spirits) in a younger state so you can really see the difference time makes.  This event holds a special place in our hearts because it is the first time we opened our doors and offered Tree Vodka.  Since then we have grown significantly.  We have won awards at two of the biggest spirits competitions (Gold at New York International and silver at San Fransisco International) and we are now found throughout the state.

So, what's in store this year?  Well, we are doing our darndest to have our Pear Brandy ready for samples and maybe sales by this weekend.  We also will be offering samples of our applejack.  We offered some very young applejack last year (about 4 months old) and this time it is a year and 4 months.  The difference is remarkable.  It will be ready for sale in time for the holidays.  We will be taking names for pre-purchase of the Applejack this weekend at the Roll Out the Barrels Event.


So, it is a busy time for us and an exciting one.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Roll Out the Barrels event.  For more information please check out the Wine Trails website:

Jeffrey Lennox