State of the Distillery

I cannot believe I have been here for over a year.  It is amazing how time flies when your day is full of doing what you love.  We are not as far as we wanted to be at this point, but we have finally launched product and will be selling to retailers starting in July.  Our distributor, The Opici Wine Group picked up fifty (50) cases from us yesterday and will begin sending them out to liquor stores bars and restaurants on the area in July.  Below is a picture of Dave and myself with the fifty cases all nice and palletized.

First Order.JPG

Beyond the release of the product we are currently experimenting with a couple of different infusion techniques for a few flavored vodkas.  The Applejack is also aging away in our beautiful Maker's Mark barrels and we have begun mixing small amounts of that with concentrated cider to make a high proof drink similar to Belle de Brillet which is made with Congnac and Pear cider.  So, much like our Applejack which is an American take on Calvados -- our cider infusion will be the American take on Belle. 

That is all for now, just a short update on the goings-on at the distillery.  We are still plugging away and we are happy to finally be getting our product out there for everyone to enjoy.  Remember, if you want to stop by we are open Saturdays from Noon to 5pm.

Jeffrey Lennox