Tasting Room 2.0

Spring is here!!!  I don't care that it is supposed to go down to 30 something tonight.... I see the sun, I see flowers and I see people breaking out of their long hibernation.  We are as busy as bees (like our farm manager Brian's bees even!) here at the distillery working on new products, events and cool ideas.  The Lake Ontario Wine Trail has two events under our belts for the year, and the next one won't be until July (hint: Booze and Music at a venue on a different Eddy Road).  So, we have been focusing on revamping the tasting room and changing it up so people that have already been here once have something new to look forward to, and people that haven't will want to come back again and again.


 Change 1:

New Products!  We have released our Pear Brandy, and will begin selling our UnAged AppleJack in the next couple of weeks.  We are currently sampling those two and our Tree Vodka at the tasting room -- completing a full flight!  If you ask real nice we usually have other products we expect to have out this year for sample too.

 Change 2:

New New Products!  That's right, not only do we have more spirits to try, we have partnered with Leonard Oakes Winery to sell a small selection of their products here.  We currently have their Hard Cider and Cerise.  For more information on their products check out their website here: http://www.oakeswinery.com/

 Change 3:

Events!  We are in the process of planning several bi-monthly events that will put our beautiful tasting room to good use.  We are currently taking reservations for our farm to table dinner (already half full) which proved a huge success in March.  We will also be doing smaller, easier and more educational events.  Some ideas that we have been through around is a cider night featuring a number of New York Hardciders offered in a flight to make comparing and contrasting easy.  If you have any ideas for small weekend events we should do let us know!


That is all for now.  As always, make sure to drink responsibly.  Also, if you don't see our products in your local watering hole or liquor store make sure to ask for them.  It helps us a ton, and every time we get into a new place a leprechaun gets more gold.

Jeffrey Lennox